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For those of you who don’t live in California, we have a charming street called Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). If you haven’t guessed it, PCH is a road that runs along the Pacific coastline, providing some of the most stunning views that California has to offer. I didn’t noticed Beach Hut Deli for the handful of years that I was driving PCH until last week. Turns out it’s been there for years and I never noticed it (I have a talent for observation). To think that there was a sandwich place near my apartment that I haven’t tried yet was simply a crime against humanity, and I dashed off to rectify that grave injustice.  The patio seems quite charming, and it has TV’s for all you who refuse to engage in human conversation.IMG_2020


The surfboard table is an interesting idea, although it wouldn’t really be my first choice in furniture. I had this idea for a restaurant with Ironing boards as tables, and sandwiches are cooked at the table with a clothes iron, these people obviously reimagined my concept (I have the worst luck).  The place itself is charming, lots of beers for one to try and a full bar (that really surprised me).

There’s something kind of quaint and charming about this place. The bar/cash register reminds me of a lot of the hostels that I’ve stayed in. I’m not usually a fan of the beach themed decor, but this wasn’t so bad, essentially it’s an Island’s Burger restaurant without all the extra goofy tiki stuff on the walls (I have a thing against fake tropical birds).IMG_2019


Beach Hut Deli’s Surfin’ Cow

  • Warm Roast Beef
  • Cream Cheese
  • Bacon
  • Pickle
  • lettuce/tomato/peppers/onions
  • AvocadoIMG_2016

The first thing that struck me about the menu here was the use of cream cheese in a lot of the sandwiches, It’s an unique aspect that you don’t find at other sandwich places. The “Surfin’ Cow” from Beach Hut Deli is incredibly generous when it comes to creamy textures (between the cheese and avocado). To be honest, the cream cheese makes the avocado feel redundant; it also really masks the briny flavors of the pickle and peppers. This made the crispy bacon integral for the sandwich, little crispy bites that changed the texture and gave it some personality. There are very few sandwich places that do bacon well (or even decently) so this was nice. The bread is a soft roll that doesn’t do much else other than hold everything together, overall beach hut deli is a decent sandwich that will get the job done (Plus they have booze).

Not close to Dana Point? they have several locations throughout Orange County!



Beach Hut Deli

2 Ritz Carlton Dr. & PCH
Dana Point, CA 92629

Mon-Sat: 10 am-8 pm
Sun: 10 am-7 pm

Delivery: DoorDash

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