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My time in Vancouver BC,  Canada may have been short, but it was not short in flavor. In the historic Gas Town of Vancouver I found myself on the coastline in front of a statue affectionately dedicated to a local hero named “Gassy Jack” who built a saloon there with the help of local sawmill workers. Here behind his statue lies a Carolina style Barbecue restaurant called Peckinpah.


Other than its prime location, the sandwich board sign in front is what drew me in.

Peckinpah1 Peckinpah

Now how can I say no to that? The restaurant had all the trappings of a barbecue restaurant, down to the apple cider vinegar/pepper sauce that is famous in Eastern North Carolina barbecue. Everything on the menu was familiar, other than something called a Peameal bacon sandwich.


Peameal bacon is back bacon (which contains some pork belly and loin from the back of the pig) that is cured in brine and then covered in yellow cornmeal. Its flavor is closer to pork loin than it is to the crispy and streaky bacon that we normally eat in the states.

Peckinpah9 With a very salty and somewhat crispy texture, the use of a dense bun and mayo was a savior. It balanced out the fat of the peameal bacon while the produce aided with the heaviness of the sandwich. It’s a simple sandwich with no frills, but immensely filling. I found myself wanting something more with it, so the variety of BBQ sauces on the table were a welcome addition and spice to an otherwise mild sandwich. The cornmeal fried around the pork gave it a little bit of crispiness while the fat of the pork belly gave it some interesting flavor.

Everything at Peckinpah seemed competently prepared and simply done, it’s a safe bet for anyone who’s looking to eat something that doesn’t deviate from traditional flavors. I don’t know if going to Canada to eat barbecue was the best way to spend my money, but I can tell you that it got me exactly where I needed to be.

and for those who are interested, Peckinpah has a nice selection of whiskey.


2 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2K8, Canada





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