Wingman Kitchen, Santa Ana CA

In Santa Ana

** Santa Ana Location is closed**

Check out their Chino location:

4024 Grand Ave
Ste 108
Cravings Food Village
Chino, CA 91710

One of the great things about the 4th Street Market in Santa Ana is that it is a revolving door of up and coming restaurants. I’ve been there a couple of times, but never had the chance to try Wingman Kitchen until recently.Like a lot of food stalls in Orange County, they craft their menu around a single glorious ingredient: Chicken.Wingman Kitchen Store Front

I thought that maybe Wingman’s sandwiches would help me pick up chicks at a bar or fly a jet while Kenny Loggins’ music played in the background, but it just gave me some sweet greasy fingers (which is also good). Either way, the food was worth the trip to Santa Ana.


Wingman Kitchen’s Cluckin’ Good Sandwich

  • Fried Chicken
  • Cluckin’ Good Sauce (Sweet garli soy)
  • KimChi Slaw


At $9.95 a sandwich, the cluckin’ good is a little pricey but the portion is pretty generous. The batter itself is fried beautifully with a thick and crispy texture. This is where the juicy dark meat of chicken thigh really shines in my opinion, because it doesn’t dry out. The “Cluckin Good Sauce” has a thick, sticky sweet flavor that coats the chicken without making it soggy. It’s a lot of heavy flavors that balances with the Kimchi Slaw; it doesn’t have the same flavors as a traditional Kimchi but a mild kick with some vinegary notes to cut the sweetness. The bun is dense and buttery, a good and indulgent holder for the giant sweet fried chicken,

Enjoy the large portion of chicken and buttery bun
Enjoy the large portion of chicken and buttery bun

I think Wingman Kitchen is an interesting representation of the burgeoning food culture in Orange County. It’s specialization in fried chicken with Asian Fusion has just enough variety to satisfy a handful of palates; although I wouldn’t suggest going here if you’re looking for vegetables. Next time I plan to try their take on Buffalo chicken as well as their loaded fries, it’ll be an indulgent mess. I may never fly a jet with this diet, but at least I’ll never lose that loving feeling for delicious sandwiches.

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Wingman Kitchen Menu
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Wingman Kitchen

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