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In anticipation of making a chicken sandwiches of Orange County list, I’ve been seeking out some places that are looking to subvert that damn colonel and his mustache. It’s been a rewarding experience, so much so that my best of 2018 list had two chicken sandwiches on it. Admittedly, I’ve been slacking as of late but things changed when I tried Holdaak in Fullerton. Their menu is small and focuses solely on their signature fried chicken. It’s distinct flavor, which I have yet to find anywhere else (yet), has reinvigorated my search for delicious fowl in the OC. So stay tuned.


The Holdaak Spicy Chicken Sandwich


Every specialty chicken place I’ve been to this past year seems to enjoy using a brioche-like bun. It’s dense enough to stay dry against the fried chicken and sauce, but it’s not my favorite style of bread. Holdaak’s bun, like many of these other chicken places, had a buttery flavor and texture. The edges were nicely toasted while the middle was more well done, it was like caramelized with a very crispy crust. The outside of the bun was soft and a bit heavy adding a lot of weight to the sandwich as a whole.


Holdaak prides itself on bringing southeast Asian flavors to their chicken and this sandwich was a perfect example of that. The chicken had a slightly brittle crust with a faint aromatic taste of curry. It was a nice surprise that differentiated Holdaak’s chicken from other restaurants in Orange County. The pickled vegetables mixed perfectly with everything, creating a balance between spicy and sweet. When everything comes together, there is a very distinct finish that is pretty unique compared to a lot of other places.


Lightly slathered on the chicken was Holdaak’s signature “comeback sauce”: A sweet and somewhat spicy mayo. Combined with the chicken and pickled vegetables, this sauce was an excellent way of tying all the ingredients together. Sauces like this are fairly common now in different iterations, but it did have a sweeter finish when mixed with the chicken.


For $9 you can get a combo, with the spicy chicken sandwich, fries, and a fountain drink. For what you’re getting it really screams value for money. The sandwich by itself could cost $9 at any comparable restaurant. If you’re not into spicy, their regular chicken sandwich combo costs a dollar less. Take a chance and try Holdaak, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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1201 S Euclid St Ste. B
Fullerton, CA 92832


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