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Look, we’ve been stuck inside for over a month now, our hair is long and unruly and I showered with a face mask on the other day. Cabin fever has set in dear reader and I need to get out. While we can’t go out and grab food with friends, a lot of restaurants are finding creative ways to feed us and stay open. Many of you probably don’t know about OC baking company, but I can almost guarantee that you’ve had the product of Executive Baker Dean Kim’s 20 years of hard work somewhere. Speaking as a sandwich enthusiast, I KNOW I’ve had his bread on multiple occasions.

Given our extraordinary circumstances with COVID-19, there has been A lot of changes with Orange County’s food scene and this blog by extension. One of the odd upsides of all this mess is that OC baking company has opened it’s doors to the public and has created space for other local restaurants to sell food to-go. Honestly, I would’ve just been happy to be able to buy Dean’s bread directly, but the fact that I get a chance to support other locals as well is icing on top of the sterilized cake.

Also, quick thing to note, food in To-go boxes tend to taste great and look not-so-great. With that in mind, I decided to just plate the food myself so my instagram credibility wouldn’t suffer (yeah, I’m disgusted with myself too).

Still don’t want to go out? check out some of my favorite Sandwich places that deliver in Orange County!

The OC Baking Company Pop-up

Sessions West Coast Deli

I’ve written about Sessions several times already, so you know how I feel about this great Orange County Sandwich mainstay. The Sandwich portions are strong and you can easily eat anything they give you in the Car while you’re blasting the AC and a codeine laced mumble rap track by Lil Pump (Or so I’ve been told).

They have a shifting menu of sandwiches everyday, I decided to play it safe and go for their Pastrami Sandwich: with Swiss cheese, pickled mustard seed (a must), slaw, and chow chow mustard on rye:

Toast Kitchen and Bakery

Toast has been on my list of restaurants to try for quite some time now. This whole Covid debacle has been a lesson to me about not waiting to do things because I obviously can’t go now. Luckily for me, Toast is represented at the pop-up with a small selection of their signature soups and pies. The soup was frozen, so I didn’t really take a photo of it, but i can tell you with confidence that their French Onion is damn good fresh out of the oven with bubbling cheese.

Miss Mini Donut

Donuts are great, but let’s face it, they can be pretty boring. There only so much maple/glaze/jelly combinations that I can take before I get bored and ashamed of myself for eating all of it. Miss Mini Donut sells bite sized samples of some interesting donut flavors. You can even customize your order! Don’t sleep on the fruity pebbles one.

The Crema Cafe

OC Baking company’s many racks of freshly baked bread is enough to keep me carb loaded and happy for weeks, but If other baked goods catch your fancy, there is another spot for you. Crema, has some easy take-and-bake options like cookies and pies, but if you’re looking to snack on the drive home give their mini croissants a try. The prices are also very reasonable at their table, so stock up. I helped myself to their ham and cheese quiche, which brought me back to some classy brunches that I had with friends. It’s the most High class I’ve felt in 2 months.

The OC Baking Company

The bread alone is worth the trip, but if you’re looking for some delicious accompaniments to that bread you’re in luck. I picked up a portion of beef stew, with red wine, carrot, radish, celery, and mushroom. It’s a rich and meaty stew with a surprisingly creamy texture that is enhanced when eaten with their signature french bread. I also grabbed the 4 cheese mashed potatoes, you can imagine how amazing that is (it’s butter potatoes with a bunch of cheese for god’s sake).

Chef’s got an ever changing selection of other things for sale, such as special rice, curries, and meatballs; whatever you’re looking for, there is a lot to choose from and you can dip his bread into most of it.

While I wish I could try all of it, but quite frankly I ran out of cash. But there is so much more for you to try and you get to support some local business through these times. If you’re craving Indian food, Adya is an Anaheim Packing District mainstay that has a table here. Want to feed your family with some comfort food? come in on Friday’s and enjoy some amazing family style rotisserie chickens/baby back ribs from the many purveyors that feature there. Either way, you’ll find something that you like.

Also, get some frozen empanadas from Villa Roma, those were almost a required meal every time I’m in Laguna Hills.

OC Baking Company Pop-up

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 8AM – 5PM come early before everything is sold out!

1960 N Glassell St. Orange 92865

**Make sure Bring a mask, CASH, and your own bags! **

Keep updated with their ever changing menu/vendors list on the OC Baking Company Facebook page!


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