After 30 years and thousands of sandwiches on this Earth I came20130310_000414 to a realization, I could make sandwiches myself too. Imagine how I felt when that epiphany struck me! it only took 30 years, a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, working in restaurants my whole adult life, being in a family that have owned restaurants before, and traveling to over 30 different countries (we all figure things out at our own pace). Because the idea of making anything other than sandwiches scares & confuses me, this will be my experimentation ground for sandwich recipes to try at home. If I slay sandwiches it’s only fair that I create them too, It’s called the circle of life; and if Elton John sings it then it’s got to be true.

So I thank you friends for bearing with me, I always welcome ideas for improvements & feedback on Recipes. Please enjoy what my Chef De Cuisine friends call “amateurish, but better than anything those other damn servers could make!”[that’s a restaurant joke, I swear the stuff I put on here is good]


Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Dill & Asparagus [Recipe]

I don’t know if you know this or not, but I live a life of danger and intrigue. It’s the life I chose when I rose from my chrysalis as “The Sandwich Slayer.” With that being said, it shouldn’t be any surprise that I live everyday unsure as to what will happen next. I don’t […]


Avocado toast with tomato relish [Recipe]

Avocado toast has become a very popular food these past couple of years, I first heard about it from a friend of mine who liked it as a breakfast before he would go the gym and lift weights (I was thoroughly confused by the concept of lifting things for the sake of lifting them). Its […]


Vy Attempts Beer Mustard Aioli [Recipe]

Sandwich Slaying was a gift that I was born with. I realized that I had a calling when my mom made me a ham & cheese sandwich as a child and I attacked it with the fury of a ravenous jungle beast. It came to my attention while working in restaurants that I should pick […]


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