Irvine and Tustin


Two Birds, Irvine

When I went to Two Birds in Irvine I was expecting more. Not in terms of flavor or quality, but just more variety on the menu. Of all the restaurants in the Trade Food Hall, I think it has the least amount of main courses. It really doesn’t matter though, because the main dishes they […]


BurntZilla, Irvine

When I hear the name BurntZilla, I think about a Tokyo sized lizard monster who is slowly developing melanoma. Luckily for our gargantuan reptilian friends, Burntzilla is actually a slider/mini hotdog restaurant in Irvine that specializes in comfort food. I also took the liberty of doing this ultra realistic drawing of BurntZilla for you: I […]



When I had lunch at S’Wich Bistro in Irvine, CA I nerded out like crazy (it had nothing to do with the food). It just so happens that S’Wich Bistro is located next to the world famous “Blizzard Entertainment,” makers of some of the most popular games in the world. They’re also responsible for much […]


Mendocino Farms Irvine, CA

“Mendocino Farms Sandwich Market” has been making quite an impact on my friends as of late. It was suggested to me by a lot of people over the past couple of months, so I waited for several weeks and finally went to try it (you can’t go to places that others suggest too soon, it shows desperation). […]


Urban Plates, Irvine CA

The culture of dining is an ever changing thing, not only is food constantly evolving when it comes to flavors and preparation, but the very nature of how it is served is also progressing. Trends in dining have come and gone, whether it be a flambéed tableside Steak Diane in the 1950’s or a sizzling […]



Luna Rossa, Tustin CA

When I started writing this blog, I didn’t expect to begin seeing sandwiches EVERYWHERE. It’s one of those weird Matrix “red pill” things where I just notice sandwiches where ever I go now; I even considered reviewing a gas station sandwich the other day. I went to Luna Rossa in Tustin expecting to have pasta […]


American Grub, Tustin

In the historic Old Town Tustin you can find a quaint comfort food restaurant called American Grub. It’s modern and stylish interior can be a bit deceiving because their food has a very humble down home quality to it. I’ve found that American Grub is a good place to stop by after a small walking […]


The Kroft, Tustin CA

The Kroft is a comfort food stand that is a part of the Union Market in Tustin California.  I wrote about it in a previous post, after I attended Wondercon 2015. It was there that I slipped into fatty bliss after consuming short rib poutine & found myself swimming in decadent goodness. That was at the […]

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The Bread Basket, Tustin CA

Something that I have always appreciated about sandwiches is that they have almost unlimited potential. The versatility allows for the most creative of minds to create something that is extraordinary within the confines of a familiar concept, the criteria isn’t particularly strenuous so it can be as simple or as complicated as anyone wants it to be. […]


Bronx Sandwich Co Tustin, CA

I’ve always felt a little spoiled growing up in Orange County California, the weather is almost always sunny so I can pretty much get away with wearing jeans & a t-shirt for the majority of the year, I’m a 15 minute drive from the beach, and I’m only an hour away from San Diego Comic […]


Lemonade, Tustin CA

I was driving around the U.C.I campus the other day, trying to observe the behaviors of Asian University students (because I’m an Anthropologist, and I need to brush up on my “Asianess”) and going to a comic shop nearby. It know it sounds weird, but I do miss going to school, not so much because […]


Piadina Domenica Tustin CA

My parents used to own a furniture store in the 90’s called Interior Surroundings. There were several locations throughout California, but the one that I was always at was in a city called Tustin. The furniture store was in a shopping center called the Tustin Market Place, and it was the first big shopping/entertainment center […]




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