North American Sandwiches

The Sandwiches that I have had whilst traveling in North America (it’s like my backyard) that aren’t around the Southern California area!

Carnegie Deli Las Vegas

Carnegie Deli, Las Vegas Nevada

I’m not a fan of Las Vegas. It’s kind of tacky in the daylight, it’s immensely overpriced, and I don’t really drink. So what else is there? Gambling is fun, but my broke ass can’t afford to do much of it; so most of my funds goes to eating. Say what you will about the […]

Slay: Boston

Slay:Boston, Food Coma in the Cradle of Liberty

I finally got the chance to travel to Boston Massachusetts and boy was it calorically productive. I didn’t really get a chance to explore the city (because I was there for work) but I made my free time count. This post is going to be a mini one, but packed with all sorts of gluttonous […]


Slay Portland: Gorging on PDX

There are few cities that I have been to that have captured my heart or stomach the way Portland does; It’s an interesting combination of working class charm with modern metropolitan oddity. I decided to visit friends for my 32nd birthday and take them on my gluttonous city adventures. Bless them for their patience and […]


Laspada’s Original Hoagies, Fort Lauderdale

I recently spent some time in balmy Fort Lauderdale Florida, where the humidity made me feel like I was perpetually swimming, even though I was on dry land. My California weather sensibilities have made me a bit of a weakling, so I found myself hanging out mostly in air conditioned rooms hiding in mini fridges […]


The Ace of Sandwiches

When people hear the name “Ace of Sandwiches” they usually equate it to playing cards. When I first heard the name, I immediately pictured a Top Gun-esque fighter pilot who would do everything without a shirt on. Don’t ask me why, I wouldn’t be able to explain it. I was in Palo Alto, California working at […]


Olde Tyme Grocery, Lafayette Louisiana

Olde Tyme Grocery in Lafayette has the reputation of being one of the best sandwich because it’s popular with University students and a must for Catholics during lent. Why is it popular during lent? Because on Wednesdays & Fridays Catholics abstain from eating meat, making Olde Tyme Grocery’s seafood Po’Boys the best option in town.   […]

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Meat & Bread, Vancouver BC Canada

In the coastal city of Vancouver BC Canada there is a gem of a sandwich shop called Meat & Bread, an artisanal restaurant that emphasizes quality meats with a revolving daily menu. The interior of the restaurant felt like a classic butcher shop with a certain pragmatic design sense.This place felt like it was stripped […]


Peckinpah Vancouver BC,Canada

My time in Vancouver BC,  Canada may have been short, but it was not short in flavor. In the historic Gas Town of Vancouver I found myself on the coastline in front of a statue affectionately dedicated to a local hero named “Gassy Jack” who built a saloon there with the help of local sawmill […]


Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market

After my busy weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina I landed in Los Angeles International airport jetlagged, full, and excited for my next adventure in another city. I only had 2 nights back home before I would leave again for the city of Philadelphia, PA for the event “Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con.” I for the life […]


Vy Goes to Raleigh, North Carolina

I recently obtained a job with the popular nerdy clothing site where I get to go and run their booths at various pop culture conventions around the world (awesome!). My first assignment was the Japanese Pop-culture convention “Animazement” in Raleigh, North Carolina where I was hit with the unforgiving humidity of the Southern United […]





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