IMG_3821I have a tendency to get antsy after awhile, while some are content with staying within The Shire, I’m a nasty little hobbit with a sense of adventure (and less foot hair). Traveling is something that I have been doing passionately since I graduated high school and I don’t intend on stopping, despite the pressures of Facebook and my friends list filled with people getting married and having babies. So when I’m not traveling to eat sandwiches, I’m traveling to travel, which allows me to get full use out of my blog and abysmal writing skills. So if you are inclined to, you can follow me when I’m on the road living in dingy hostels, with dirty free thinking hipster millennials, and the greatest experiences of my life. Happy travels!

Slay: Adelaide Chinatown/Central Market

After leaving the beautiful metropolitan Brisbane, I ended up in Adelaide, South Australia. The energy here is much different than Brisbane, with a smaller city feel and colder weather. South Australia boasts some of the most popular Australian Wine regions such as the Barossa and Yarra Valleys. I didn’t have much time to explore Adelaide […]

Slay Brisbane: Eating through the capital of Queensland


When I landed in Brisbane, Australia I had an objective in mind: Don’t get killed by a spider. Once I felt like I had that down, I decided to start exploring the food scene. My apartment was located in South Brisbane so a lot of what I tried was in that area, but when scrounged […]

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The Shootout at Convict Lake

I recently took a trip to Mammoth with my family and despite my aversion to sliding down hills on pieces of wood, I really enjoyed my time there. One of the most memorable moments of that trip was the walk on Convict Lake, a serene spot that has a very interesting and bloody history. I […]


Salamanca, Prostitutes, & The Hornazo

In 2014, I took a trip through Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. It was at this time that I ended up in Salamanca Spain, an intellectual center of Northwestern Spain that boasts the Country’s oldest university, more importantly it is known for a traditional meat pie called Hornazo. For those of you looking for a comprehensive explanation […]


Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi UAE

I have two passions in life. You should’ve figured out at least ONE of these passions (I actually take time out of my day to write about sandwiches for God’s sake). My other passion is travel, where I can try sandwiches outside of California (like in the Emirates Palace). It makes my Instagram seem more […]


Montreal QC, Canada

I’m not afraid to tell you that I can be quite ignorant and uncultured. Sometimes I just don’t know what is going on and make assumptions about one’s culture that I assume are fact (probably to make myself feel better) and it tends to effect my choices in life. It’s kind of the natural order of […]


Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market

After my busy weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina I landed in Los Angeles International airport jetlagged, full, and excited for my next adventure in another city. I only had 2 nights back home before I would leave again for the city of Philadelphia, PA for the event “Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con.” I for the life […]


Vy Goes to Raleigh, North Carolina

I recently obtained a job with the popular nerdy clothing site where I get to go and run their booths at various pop culture conventions around the world (awesome!). My first assignment was the Japanese Pop-culture convention “Animazement” in Raleigh, North Carolina where I was hit with the unforgiving humidity of the Southern United […]


The OC Night Market [2016]

The OC Night Market has been holding Asian inspired foodie events for several years now at the OC fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, California. I first heard about it last year from my chef friends, who were quick to berate me for not going. This year, I was determined to go and try to soak in […]


Tours Versus Independent Travel

Travel has been an integral part of my life since I was 18 years old. It started with a high school graduation trip through the Mediterranean with a former teacher (and friend) who organized an itinerary through EF tours. It was one of the most eye opening experiences of my life (and really an indicator […]