IMG_3821I have a tendency to get antsy after awhile, while some are content with staying within The Shire, I’m a nasty little hobbit with a sense of adventure (and less foot hair). Traveling is something that I have been doing passionately since I graduated high school and I don’t intend on stopping, despite the pressures of Facebook and my friends list filled with people getting married and having babies. So when I’m not traveling to eat sandwiches, I’m traveling to travel, which allows me to get full use out of my blog and abysmal writing skills. So if you are inclined to, you can follow me when I’m on the road living in dingy hostels, with dirty free thinking hipster millennials, and the greatest experiences of my life. Happy travels!

MishMash, San Diego

I just got back from San Diego Comic Con and boy is my wallet empty. Financial issues aside, one of my favorite things to do while at Comic Con is consume heroic amounts of food. I don’t go to San Diego often (although I should) so I try my best to take in as much […]


KTown Night Market 2018, Los Angeles

If you’ve driven in Southern California, chances are you’ve had to brave the freeways up to Los Angeles. For some, it’s a nice time to reflect on life choices and ask pertinent  existential questions: “Why do I insist on staying at a job I hate?” “Can I see myself spending the rest of my life […]


The OC Night Market 2018

Every year in Costa Mesa there is a gathering of some of Southern California’s most interesting food stalls. The OC Night Market has become an annual tradition for me, a place where I can go and be around other gluttonous foodies; a safe spot where the heroic amount of calories I consume is appreciated and […]

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Carnegie Deli Las Vegas

Carnegie Deli, Las Vegas Nevada

I’m not a fan of Las Vegas. It’s kind of tacky in the daylight, it’s immensely overpriced, and I don’t really drink. So what else is there? Gambling is fun, but my broke ass can’t afford to do much of it; so most of my funds goes to eating. Say what you will about the […]

Slay: Boston

Slay:Boston, Food Coma in the Cradle of Liberty

I finally got the chance to travel to Boston Massachusetts and boy was it calorically productive. I didn’t really get a chance to explore the city (because I was there for work) but I made my free time count. This post is going to be a mini one, but packed with all sorts of gluttonous […]


Slay Portland: Gorging on PDX

There are few cities that I have been to that have captured my heart or stomach the way Portland does; It’s an interesting combination of working class charm with modern metropolitan oddity. I decided to visit friends for my 32nd birthday and take them on my gluttonous city adventures. Bless them for their patience and […]


Slay: Adelaide Chinatown/Central Market

After leaving the beautiful metropolitan Brisbane, I ended up in Adelaide, South Australia. The energy here is much different than Brisbane, with a smaller city feel and colder weather. South Australia boasts some of the most popular Australian Wine regions such as the Barossa and Yarra Valleys. I didn’t have much time to explore Adelaide […]

Slay Brisbane: Eating through the capital of Queensland


When I landed in Brisbane, Australia I had an objective in mind: Don’t get killed by a spider. Once I felt like I had that down, I decided to start exploring the food scene. My apartment was located in South Brisbane so a lot of what I tried was in that area, but when scrounged […]

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The Shootout at Convict Lake

I recently took a trip to Mammoth with my family and despite my aversion to sliding down hills on pieces of wood, I really enjoyed my time there. One of the most memorable moments of that trip was the walk on Convict Lake, a serene spot that has a very interesting and bloody history. I […]


Laspada’s Original Hoagies, Fort Lauderdale

I recently spent some time in balmy Fort Lauderdale Florida, where the humidity made me feel like I was perpetually swimming, even though I was on dry land. My California weather sensibilities have made me a bit of a weakling, so I found myself hanging out mostly in air conditioned rooms hiding in mini fridges […]


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