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Old Town Orange has always been a fun place to eat. One of my favorite additions to any good meal is a healthy side of people watching and this area has plenty of both. The current social distancing orders have made it even more interesting; The restaurants have closed down the streets and created a nice outdoor dining experience. It’s almost like being in a large block party with a lot of different food. Jaxons Chix Tenders used to be a burger place, I didn’t realize it had changed until I showed up. It’s fitting, because I have been on a rampage with Orange County Chicken restaurants this year.

Jaxons Chix Tender Sandwich


I’m not gonna lie, the bun on Jaxons sandwich was forgettable. It’s not bad, just not noteworthy. It was nicely toasted and a good change from the sweet and greasy brioche buns that most chicken sandwich places around here use.


The formula for spicy fried chicken sandwiches around here is pretty simple. It’s usually Chicken, Slaw, Pickles, Sauce, and bun. Each ingredient has it’s own distinct flavor to contribute, but ultimately the flavor of the sandwich comes down to the chicken. Jaxons doesn’t seem to use the thick peppery “glaze” that hot chicken places usually use. It’s more of a dry rub mixed onto the crispy batter. It can get pretty salty on some parts where the seasoning gets caked on. They also don’t use a slaw or anything so the sandwich really relies on a sauce for moisture.


Unlike most chicken places around here, Jaxons doesn’t have a designated sauce for it’s sandwich. There is a respectable list of dipping sauces for their chicken, some of which cost a little more to order. I went with their house sauce, which kind of reminded me of ranch with some cajun spice added to it. It’s creamy and very good at balancing the dry spices of Jaxon’s chicken tenders.


At $7.98 for the sandwich with a small side of fries, you can’t really go wrong. The size of the tenders is pretty big, especially at that price. I don’t think the sandwich is the focus at Jaxons, so for a dollar less you can forgo the bun and pickles for a two tenders meal. There is some stiff competition in downtown Orange, but I’d come here if I didn’t want to spend too much money.


Jaxons Chix Tenders

149 N Glassell St, Orange, CA 92866

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