Garden Grove and Westminster

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Apollo Burgers, Garden Grove CA

When I decided to start looking for great Orange County burgers, I didn’t expect to find one so close to my house. Apollo Burgers in located in the corner of a small strip mall in Garden Grove, sharing a parking lot with a two vegan restaurants (seriously) and a Mexican market. The menu is unassuming, […]


A Bite of Jersey, Garden Grove

A Bite of Jersey is a classic sandwich spot in Garden Grove with a great Cheesesteak. The restaurant is tucked away in the corner of a quiet shopping center but the multitude of beer signs make it hard to miss. When I walked in I couldn’t help but notice the “down home” feel of everything; […]


Paul’s Deli, Westminster

Paul’s Deli is a hidden gem in Westminster that has been serving the community for 40 years. I found it by chance on my way to the nearby art supply warehouse (where the rest of my money goes after sandwiches). Paul’s is easy to miss, it’s behind an Arco gas station and Popeye’s chicken restaurant, […]


Old Pumpernickel Deli & Sandwich Shoppe, Garden Grove CA

The other day I was driving around Garden Grove running errands when I was struck with hunger. A lot of times when this happens, I tend to just find a place to eat that is close by (I’m not very picky) and usually not as satisfying as I hope it to be. It’s not that […]


The Mad Greek, Stanton CA

***CLOSED*** check out some of these other places!   The Country of Greece has an undeniable talent for influencing my life. Whether it be the spark of inspiration for my lifelong passion for travel  or my undying love for the classic Sam Raimi show “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” I always find myself undeniably hooked to the […]


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