North American Sandwiches

The Sandwiches that I have had whilst traveling in North America (it’s like my backyard) that aren’t around the Southern California area!

MishMash, San Diego

I just got back from San Diego Comic Con and boy is my wallet empty. Financial issues aside, one of my favorite things to do while at Comic Con is consume heroic amounts of food. I don’t go to San Diego often (although I should) so I try my best to take in as much […]

Carnegie Deli Las Vegas

Carnegie Deli, Las Vegas Nevada

I’m not a fan of Las Vegas. It’s kind of tacky in the daylight, it’s immensely overpriced, and I don’t really drink. So what else is there? Gambling is fun, but my broke ass can’t afford to do much of it; so most of my funds goes to eating. Say what you will about the […]

Slay: Boston

Slay:Boston, Food Coma in the Cradle of Liberty

I finally got the chance to travel to Boston Massachusetts and boy was it calorically productive. I didn’t really get a chance to explore the city (because I was there for work) but I made my free time count. This post is going to be a mini one, but packed with all sorts of gluttonous […]


Slay Portland: Gorging on PDX

There are few cities that I have been to that have captured my heart or stomach the way Portland does; It’s an interesting combination of working class charm with modern metropolitan oddity. I decided to visit friends for my 32nd birthday and take them on my gluttonous city adventures. Bless them for their patience and […]


Laspada’s Original Hoagies, Fort Lauderdale

I recently spent some time in balmy Fort Lauderdale Florida, where the humidity made me feel like I was perpetually swimming, even though I was on dry land. My California weather sensibilities have made me a bit of a weakling, so I found myself hanging out mostly in air conditioned rooms hiding in mini fridges […]


The Ace of Sandwiches

When people hear the name “Ace of Sandwiches” they usually equate it to playing cards. When I first heard the name, I immediately pictured a Top Gun-esque fighter pilot who would do everything without a shirt on. Don’t ask me why, I wouldn’t be able to explain it. I was in Palo Alto, California working at […]


Olde Tyme Grocery, Lafayette Louisiana

Olde Tyme Grocery in Lafayette has the reputation of being one of the best sandwich because it’s popular with University students and a must for Catholics during lent. Why is it popular during lent? Because on Wednesdays & Fridays Catholics abstain from eating meat, making Olde Tyme Grocery’s seafood Po’Boys the best option in town.   […]

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Meat & Bread, Vancouver BC Canada

In the coastal city of Vancouver BC Canada there is a gem of a sandwich shop called Meat & Bread, an artisanal restaurant that emphasizes quality meats with a revolving daily menu. The interior of the restaurant felt like a classic butcher shop with a certain pragmatic design sense.This place felt like it was stripped […]


Peckinpah Vancouver BC,Canada

My time in Vancouver BC,  Canada may have been short, but it was not short in flavor. In the historic Gas Town of Vancouver I found myself on the coastline in front of a statue affectionately dedicated to a local hero named “Gassy Jack” who built a saloon there with the help of local sawmill […]


Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market

After my busy weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina I landed in Los Angeles International airport jetlagged, full, and excited for my next adventure in another city. I only had 2 nights back home before I would leave again for the city of Philadelphia, PA for the event “Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con.” I for the life […]





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