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In Laguna Hills & Niguel/Mission Viejo

Hidden in a business center in Laguna Hills is Noonerz: a simple lunch spot that seems to specialize in light express lunches. When I first learned about it, I assumed that it would be pretty run-of-the-mill stuff until I actually tried it. You’d be surprised at the things that can be accomplished in a small space with an oven. The Laguna Hills/Lake Forest area has been surprisingly generous when it comes to hidden business park gems.

Noonerz Front door
They don’t even have a sign.

Noonerz “Our Favorite Turkey” Sandwich

Noonerz "Our favorite turkey" sandwich ingredients


As you all know, bread is important to me in the construction of a good sandwich. It’s the first impression and vehicle in which the filling gets properly transported. I’m not usually a fan of ciabatta bread, it tends to get too soft if it sits on a shelf for too long and the texture ends up being a thick disappointment. Noonerz’ Herb ciabatta bread was truly a revelation, with a crispy texture and rosemary to keep things interesting. It made the sandwich worth remembering quite honestly.


Turkey, bacon, and avocado is a classic combination. How can you go wrong with crispy bacon mixed with creamy avocado while turkey chaperones? What I think made this sandwich different from every other turkey, bacon, avocado-wich is the surprisingly powerful onion relish. Mind you, it’s not like it’s so overwhelming that all you taste is onion; but the combination of slightly sweet caramelized onion with the toasted rosemary bread really elevated the sandwich.


The only sauce that was on the Noonerz “Our favorite turkey” was mayo. Other than providing a little bit of textural help, it honestly felt like it didn’t need to be in there.


For $9.99 you get your choice of sandwich, a side (I got pasta salad), and a choice of dessert (I got a heath crunch cookie). The portions here aren’t huge, but it’s a solid express lunch for 10 bucks if you don’t want to get the mid day nap attack. The food comes out pretty quickly and you really can’t go wrong with the quality of their baked goods.

I’ve eaten a lot of sandwiches over the years and it’s easy to get a bit jaded with the standard stuff. Sure, I do love the deli classics every now and then, but I’ve become a bit of a snob in my sandwich-journalism phase. Noonerz is a reminder that you don’t need anything too clever to make a good lunch. Their attention to the important parts makes them a place that I can see myself going when I just want a damn good lunch that won’t break the bank and my waist line.


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22981 Triton Way, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Mon – Fri: 7AM – 3PM
Sat – Sun: Closed


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