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I’m going to admit that I’ve never really been a food truck guy. Nothing against them, I just enjoy sitting down and eating inside (it appeals to my bougie lifestyle). Salt N Pepper truck recently invited me to try their food and while the prospect of eating in natural light scared me, I decided to give it a shot. After checking their schedule, I ended up in front of an office building in Irvine waiting for them to open.

Salt N Pepper Truck

I should’ve gotten there a little bit later after they were able to finish up their prep work, they weren’t serving the full menu when I was there. 20 minutes after I got my food their menu got bigger and a lot more enticing. Either way, I was happy to finally try their food.

Salt N Pepper truck lunch

Salt N Pepper Truck Fries

Is there anything better than a good french fry? Yes. Yes there is, BUT French fries certainly make most things better. The Island Fries were the highlight of my lunch. With a house made “Island Sauce,” cheese, and grilled onions it’s Salt N Pepper truck’s take on In-N-Out’s Animal style fries. The Island Sauce was a little more peppery and savory than the In-N-out spread and the crinkle cut fries holds everything better.

There is nothing I hate about garlic parmesan fries, it’s one of the most perfect combinations of savory comfort that I can think of. These fries were quite good, they use garlic powder instead of fresh. It ends up caking together a little bit, which is still good, but it changes the texture. More importantly, they pile on the cheese.

I wish I could’ve tried their sandwiches, they have a good looking cheesesteak hoagie. I guess that’s what next time is for.



Salt N Pepper Truck’s food is indulgent and really good if you don’t have to go back to work after eating there. All joking aside, I appreciate the simplicity of the menu. The menu variety is big enough to fit most people’s cravings and they don’t fall into the trap of trying to be overly clever. I know it sounds weird for some people, but you don’t always need a gimmick. Salt N Pepper truck makes simple and familiar food exactly the way it should be.

Be sure to check out Salt N Pepper Truck’s instagram for their schedule!


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