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Those of you who live in Orange County understand what a chore it is to drive to Los Angeles. Burrata House is technically 30 miles away from my house, but that accursed LA traffic makes it feel like it’s 100 miles away. There aren’t many things that would compel me to drive into the city, but how could I say no to beautifully made creamy mozzarella cheese? When the fine people at Burrata House invited me to try their food, I didn’t hesitate.

All the yelling I did on the 405 freeway paid off because I got a chance to try one of my most favorite lunches this year.

What the heck is Burrata cheese?

It occurred to me whilst speaking with friends that not everyone knows what Burrata cheese is, I judged them for not knowing, I won’t judge you (you’re my favorite).

Burrata Cheese
Behold! a creamy blob of goodness!

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and had a fresh mozzarella cheese? it’s kind of wet, soft, and usually eaten cold. You fans of caprese know how good a fresh mozzarella can be. Now imagine that semi-soft cheese being the outer shell for a small mixture of cheese curd and cream. Burrata softens the traditional fresh mozzarella cheese and makes it more buttery and creamy in texture. It’s fucking amazing.

The Burrata House Crudo Panini



I don’t know what kind of bread burrata house uses, I forgot to ask them what it was. What I can tell you is that the somewhat light and crispy panini pressed bread was a perfect compliment to the rich and creamy burrata cheese. It was heavy enough to soak up the olive oil without getting soggy while also keeping the sandwich surprisingly light.


With a name like “Burrata House,” you kind of know what you’re getting. The creamy cheese is the star of the show, but that doesn’t mean that every other ingredient doesn’t play it’s part. The salty smoked prosciutto mixed with the creamy cheese is just a perfect match when finished with that crispy panini pressed bread. When finished with the lightly dressed peppery arugula and tomato it made for an oddly light (but satisfying) sandwich.


The paninis here are very simply done and usually just finished with extra virgin olive oil. You really don’t need anything else when you consider what you get from the charcuterie and burrata. I was given some of their house made truffle pate, made with olives and truffle oil. It was a nice briny addition to this panini, but hardly necessary.


The quality of ingredients in Burrata House’s kitchen is apparent. The produce is fresh, the cheese and meat is local, and the bread is baked nearby as well. The panini’s cost range anywhere from $11 to $14, which is pretty reasonable for what you’re getting (and the fact that you’re in LA). The food is surprisingly filling but not so much that you’ll need to take a nap afterwords. If you’re looking for something even lighter, try one of their bowls with white balsalmic vinaigrette.

Burrata House Bresaola bowl ingredients

Thank you again to the people at Burrata House for inviting me to try their food. It was certainly a great experience and truly worth the drive from Orange County. You can check out their instagram here.

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Burrata House

3272 Motor Ave A Unit A
Los Angeles, CA 90034


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