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It been a great year of interesting sandwiches across the US. Once in awhile, I need something that has no frills and scratches the sandwich itch. In this situation, finding a nice cafe that isn’t Instagram ready is ideal.  Two’s Company is a quaint and simple spot in the Orange circle that boasts a menu that fits most tastes. Don’t expect to see crazy Aioli infusions or deep fried appetizers stuffed into places they shouldn’t be here. What you can expect is some deli favorites and a solid panini for lunch.

Two’s Company Chicken Pesto Panini



One could technically put any bread into a panini press and make it better, but few breads are truly up to the challenge the way sourdough is. It crisps nicely and holds sauces well. The loving caress of the panini press’ grill marks upon the body of the bread only serves as evidence of Two’s Company ability to make a damn good panini. Simplicity is a marvelous thing.


I’ve had my fair share of paninis and the one thing that ruins them for me is over-complication. A really good toasted sandwich has the heat accentuating the ingredients within it. Everything inside this panini did exactly what it should’ve, the provolone was melted and embedded into the chicken while the sweet red onion and tomato added some acidity and texture. You could taste every ingredient serve it’s own righteous purpose. Red onions have a sweetness to them that work very well in this sandwich.


Is pesto mayo considered a crazy aioli infusion? I don’t think so, but the internet doesn’t let me get away with mislabeling things. The beauty of the hot iron touch of the panini’s press is that things (obviously) melt, the provolone finds it’s way into all the right crevices and the sauce also becomes one with everything else. I’m not normally a mayo guy, but a pesto mayo that is melted into the crispy bread of the sandwich is truly a match made in heaven.


Lunch here won’t set you back too much. Pretty much everything on the menu is under $10 and the portions are decent. My panini came with a side of pasta salad (another deli classic) and a cookie for dessert. Overall, Two’s Company is a nice place to visit if you’re in the Orange Circle, but you don’t need to go out of your way to eat here.


Two’s Company

22 Plaza Square
Orange, CA 92866

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