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Every so often my sandwich obsession gets me access to some amazing food. The countless hours I spend on Instagram have finally paid me back in caloric equity with the grand opening of EggSlice in Buena Park. Situated in the new Grange Hall 39, this former OC pop-up is serving up some morning favorites all day with no judgement. That’s right, no longer will you have to endure the judging eyes of those who don’t believe in breakfast for dinner.

I was invited by the EggSlice team to come and try their menu and it took all I had inside me not to cry in the middle of the Target electronics aisle. Because I tried all FIVE of their sandwiches and three drinks, this blog post is going to be a little different. Rather than separating the components of the sandwich, We’ll just go over each sandwich individually.

BTW, I did 5 days of egg posts on my instagram in honor of these great people. Check it out here!

The Sandwiches of Eggslice

Double Egg & Cheese

You really can’t beat the classic combination of buttered bread with nice runny egg yolk. It was my favorite breakfast as a kid and is still my default quick breakfast. Eggslice adds it’s signature Chili Jam to this combination, adding some spice and depth.

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

What can be said about this sandwich that hasn’t already been said. It has all the good parts of the double egg sandwich with the added bonus pecan wood smoked bacon. The flavors of breakfast really shine with the crispy bacon adding some much needed texture.

Ask about adding their housemade thai chili sauce to this sandwich. You lovers of spice will appreciate it on any of these sandwiches.

Sausage, Egg, And Cheese

For those of you looking for a more substantial breakfast sandwich, Eggslice’s sausage sandwich is the way to go. The meat patty is more filling than the bacon and it’s peppery/sweet flavors really stand out. It works particularly well with the chili jam’s mild spice. Part of my wants to try this sandwich with a little maple syrup (guess I’m bringing some next time).

Smoked Salmon & Egg

I love smoked salmon and bagels, so this was one of the sandwiches I was looking forward to trying the most. I don’t normally eat eggs with salmon and was presently surprised at how good the combination was. The dill and dijon sauce was a nice herbaceous touch, it complimented the briny flavors of the fish well.

Chicken Katsu, Egg, and Cheese

Of all the sandwiches on EggSlice’s menu, this may be the most unique. The egg yolks slowly dripped onto the crispy panko crusted chicken creating an amazing texture. When finished with the slightly sweet and creamy Chili mayo it is the most substantial meal on the menu. Put some of Eggslice’s tater tots in the sandwich for some added richness.


I’m not gonna lie, I’m more of an iced tea typed of person so breakfast drinks aren’t exactly my thing. Plain coffee just isn’t my thing, but the Vietnamese Style coffee at Eggslice is pretty good. It’s just sweet enough to keep my attention. You can never go wrong with fresh squeezed orange juice with breakfast foods, so that’s a safe bet for most.

Once again, I want to thank the great people at Eggslice for inviting me to try their sandwiches. It was truly a great experience watching them make the food with passion and enthusiasm. All day breakfast may become a part of my routine now because of these people.


Eggslice [Grange Hall 39]

8340 La Palma Ave Unit A, Buena Park, CA 90620

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