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Sometime during the hot months of our endless Covid summer, I was on a seafood sandwich kick. Few things sound better in the hot summer months than a nice buttery lobster roll. I went to SeaSurf Fish Co. at the end of summer, just in time to enjoy some refreshing seafood before the temperature dropped. I’m releasing this blog post now because I got lazy (Sorry about that). I don’t go to Yorba Linda much, it’s kind of out of the way, but I’m hoping to explore it a bit more.

If you have a sandwich place you want to suggest in Yorba Linda, please DM me on my instagram! I will be forever grateful.

SeaSurf Fish Co. Lobster Roll


Most of the Lobster rolls that I have eaten have been on a very buttery split top brioche. SeaSurf uses a roll that is more akin to an upscale hotdog bun than brioche. It’s lightly buttered and toasted with a thick texture. I prefer the brioche to this bread, but it does it’s job.


SeaSurf’s lobster roll is served chilled with old bay aioli, pickles, and crispy onions. I usually prefer hot lobster rolls over the cold, but it’s a nice change of pace this time around. The addition of crispy onion and pickle is unlike any lobster roll than I have had before. The onion adds some interesting texture and some nice flavor especially with a touch of lemon juice. The pickles were fine but not integral to the sandwich.


Mayo has never been my favorite condiment, but it works well with lobster. The addition old bay seasoning gives a bit of salty/peppery flavor to the lobster, but since it’s mixed into an aioli it’s not as strong. Although I would’ve liked a little more on the side, it’s nice that it doesn’t take away from the flavor of the lobster.


SeaSurf Fish Co. charges $13.99 for it’s lobster roll with a side of coleslaw and fries. This is one of the cheapest lobster rolls I have had so far, but the portion isn’t as big as most places. I think it’s a good sandwich for those who are craving a bit of lobster but don’t necessarily want to pay too much for it. I wouldn’t go back to Seasurf for the sandwich again, but there are a lot of other seafood dishes one the menu that I plan on trying the next time around (like the seafood cioppino).

Fresh Oysters are always good too!

I love that Seafood is becoming more accessible to people. There was a time that people craving this type of food would have to pay a premium at a full service restaurants. Now we’re starting to see more casual places with reasonable prices popping up. Hopefully, more places like SeaSurf begin opening up around Orange County. I could always use a good seafood sandwich…


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SeaSurf Fish Co.

18401 Yorba Linda Blvd, Yorba Linda, CA 92886

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