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When it comes to Food culture in Orange County, Costa Mesa ranks as one of the top cities. It houses some of the most modern food trends in California and is a great hub for passionate foodies. Frank’s Philadelphia is far from groundbreaking, but it does what it does very well: Philly cheesesteaks.  Located near the Orange Coast College Campus (where you can also find a really good milkshake), Frank’s has become a regular lunch spot for me in between classes.

Frank's Philadelphia interior

Frank’s Philadelphia “Works Cheesesteak”

  • Chopped steak
  • White American cheese
  • Fried onions
  • Banana peppers
  • Mushrooms

Frank's Philadelphia Cheesesteak

*update* 10/22/18

I haven’t been to Franks in a couple of months, and decided to go back today. The Cheesesteak I had was too good not to take a photo of. Enjoy:

I couldn’t keep the meat in if I tried.
This was the best I’ve had at Frank’s since I’ve started going there

[Original Post] Frank’s Philadelphia cheesesteak has everything that you look for in a good cheesesteak; the meat is finely chopped but thick and the cheese portion is generous. The banana peppers can be strong, but they don’t overload it so you get some meaty cheesey bites without the kick. My favorite part of this was the texture of the steak, it’s chopped to the point where it almost looks like ground beef, but it allows for a great distribution of cheese. It would’ve been nice if there was more onion, but other than that, Frank’s is a solid lunch.

Plus, I think about Danny Devito every time I go there.

Frank Reynolds

Frank’s Philadelphia

2244 Fairview Rd # B,
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Mon – Sunday: 8AM – 9PM

Delivery: Doordash


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