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The Kroft is a comfort food stand that is a part of the Union Market in Tustin California.  I wrote about it in a previous post, after I attended Wondercon 2015. It was there that I slipped into fatty bliss after consuming short rib poutine & found myself swimming in decadent goodness. That was at the Anaheim Packing District.


Now The Kroft has opened in Tustin, where I can once again relive my turgid food memories in the form of their Holiday Leftovers Sandwich. I should add that I am writing this 1 day before Thanksgiving, I literally couldn’t wait one more day for it. I’ll give you a second to judge me.


The Kroft Leftovers Sandwich

Hot turkey with cranberry sauce, herb stuffing, fried onions, hot gravy, and some foreign thekroft4looking leafy greens. Why do the leafy greens look foreign? because I don’t know what they are and I also don’t like the idea of putting anything vegetable-like in a leftovers sandwich. I know it helps balance the composition and all, but still, who takes home salad for leftovers? I don’t care to know those people.

The turkey was thick and generously piled on with a nice helping of crispy onions. I thought the stuffing would make the sandwich feel heavier on the palate but it was nicely subdued. The gravy’s richness was a welcome addition to accompany the tang of the cranberry sauce. Overall, it was a great sandwich that did exactly what it intended to do. Many of the Thanksgiving sandwiches that I’ve tried have issues with balance, making some ingredients erroneous to flavor, but The Kroft does it very well with generous portions.

If your in the market for comfort food, The Kroft is a great place to start off your journey through a succulent night of food debauchery, bring a friend and split the fatty goodness. Happy Thanksgiving to all and Godspeed to those working.

Also, to those at Standing Rock protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, I stand in Solidarity with you. If you are looking to help out, click here.



The Kroft
2493 Park Ave, Ste 2
Tustin, CA 92782


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