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In Huntington and Newport Beach
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John’s Philly Grille is one of my favorite cheesesteak places in Orange County. While doing my ranked “cheesesteaks of Orange County” list (you should check it out) a lot of places began to blend together; but what differentiated Jon’s Philly Grille was a combination of flavor and generous portions. They sell their sandwiches in half and full, with the full being MORE than enough to split with someone (and at $10.75 for the large it’s very reasonable).

For those of you in North Orange County, there are 3 locations in Huntingon and Seal Beach. Give it a try, they make their own soda there too!

inside of John's Philly Grille


John’s Philly Grille “The Works” Cheesesteak

  • Steak
  • American & Provolone cheese
  • Mushrooms
  • Hot peppers
  • Onions

The Works From John's Philly Grille

This cheesesteak, like most in Orange County has all the familiar ingredients. So what makes John’s cheesesteak one of the better ones? The size of the sandwich and the seasoning of the meat. One thing that I have been noticing with a lot of cheesesteak places around here is that they don’t seem to season the steak. It’s not always noticeable when it’s covered in cheese and fried onions, but a nicely season chopped steak makes a difference. The hot peppers didn’t overpower the sandwich (another problem I noticed with some cheesesteaks) and the mushrooms were quite nice. John’s Italian roll is soft but more sturdy than expected, it help the filling very well and absorbed a lot of the juice from the sandwich.

John's Philly Grille large "works" cheesesteak
The really large, Large Cheesesteak at John’s

There are several other things that I am looking forward to trying on their menu in the future. Cheesesteaks are good and everything, but I’ve been craving a good Meatball sub too (and they make those in house as well), so look forward to another review!


John’s Philly Grille

16061 Goldenwest Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

M-Sun: 10AM – 9PM

Delivery: Doordash

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