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**Mission Viejo Location Closed**

Check out their Huntington Beach Location: 301 Main St, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Rockfire grill made it to my favorites of 2017 List mostly for one reason: The Flatbread. Imagine a combination of Naan bread mixed with a French roll. It’s really what differentiates them from a lot of other sandwich places in Orange County.

I was torn between two burgers: the carnitas burger with feta cheese and jalapenos or the O.M.G burger. I didn’t want to order the O.M.G on principal (I don’t support dirty millennial internet lingo) until I realized that it stood for “onion, mushroom, and garlic.”  It took a minute, but I made my choice.

Rockfire Grill’s O.M.G Burger

  • 2 burger patties
  • Cheddar and American cheese
  • Carmelized onion/Jalapeno
  • Mushroom and roasted garlic
  • Garlic Aioli
  • House made Flatbread
Rockfire grill's OMG burger with onion rings, cheddar cheese, mushroom, garlic aioli and lettuce on house baked flatbread
Rockfire grill’s OMG burger

Rockfire Grill’s flatbread is cut like a pita pocket preventing anything from falling out the back. All the different ingredients made for a chaotic flavor profile, every bit competing for dominance. The garlic aioli was more subtle as it had trouble standing up to everything else, so I used the house sauce to add a little more flavor. What really made the burger great was the basics: nicely carmelized burger patties, melted cheese, and their signature flatbread.

OMG Burger with 4 sauces: Ketchup, House sauce, Garlic Aioli, and Spicy sauce

If you’re looking for a little more spice, they bring a small buffet of sauces for your tasting pleasure: Ketchup, garlic aioli, spicy sauce, and house sauce. The most popular is their garlic aioli, but don’t sleep on the house sauce, it’s like a smokey thousand islands dressing and totally worth a try.

Rockfire Grill menu
Click on thumbnail to enlarge menu

They also have locations in Long Beach and Huntington Beach! 


Rockfire Grill

28251 Marguerite Pkwy,
Mission Viejo, CA 92692

Monday – Sunday : 11 AM TO 10 PM

Delivery: Postmates, Doordash

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